Long-haul Trucking: to Florida and Texas

This service is trucking for two particular states outside Minneapolis: FLORIDA and TEXAS. We have particularly optimized services for those locations and if you are in need of those, get in contact with us.


Long-haul Trucking Terms & Conditions


  • Maximum Liability per shipment is $3800 per pallet, or per 40″x48″ pallet position
  • Detention charged at $50.00 per hour at pickup or delivery:
  • 1 Hour Free – Less than truckload
  • 2 Hours Free – Truckload
  • Driver Unloading is $75.00 per hour
  • Extra Stop Fee $50.00
  • COD fee 3%
  • Truck ordered, not used $150.00

For Long-haul Delivery Rates: