How do you feel organizing, from across the country, delivery of your booth or event contents in an unfamiliar city? How critical are those materials to your success at those conventions or trade shows?
Meet Casey from Colopaxi describing how this exact experience became easier.
“I was looking for a Cross-Docking Service in MSP and stumbled upon Traffic Management. I reached out to them on the phone and quickly became acquainted with Dawn, she offered the help I was looking for which was to Receive our goods for the Questival Event that we had a Como Park. She was able to also offer delivery and pickup services for us which was greatly appreciated and exceeded the service I had thought we’d receive in this area. It was amazing. We’ve continued to work with Dawn and her team on shipping our products around the country and found that they are reliable and energetic towards helping us get our products where they need to be on time.”
“Casey from Cotopaxi phoned from Salt Lake City looking for a warehouse to store his event equipment at for 2-3 days until their event was held. We asked him about the event – Questival – a 24 hour “amazing race” type of event and he said he would be bringing a truck by to pick up the event equipment.  We offered to give him a price for Shotgun Express to deliver it directly to him, and it turned out to be less expense and less hassle for him, so he took it. We ended up helping him get his equipment to Chicago for the next event, and then on to  Indianapolis.  He’s been great to work with, and Cotopaxi (who puts on the events) is a great outdoor equipment company.”
How will you feel arriving at your trade show, convention, or event with all your critical contents delivered safely before you arrive?
Shotgun Express, Inc can meet your short term/long term warehousing or distribution needs. We have warehouse space to accommodate any type of dry product and because we also have a local trucking operation, we can do any deliveries in the local area the same day. You can track your inventory instantly online and you will be dealing with a courteous, professional staff that cares about your account. Please give us a call at 651-784-2222 or email us at today to check out our competitive warehouse pricing.